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CBS Early Show Identifies Popular Homeschooling Book




Thursday March 6th in a segment titled “Three Ways to Homeschool”, CBS identifies The Call to Brilliance by Resa Steindel Brown as a guide parents are using to help nurture their child’s natural abilities.

Early Show National Correspondent Hattie Kauffman Reports:
Kauffman (Off Screen): …Nurturing a child’s natural abilities is a recurring theme in different types of homeschooling. The Call to Brilliance is a book parents are using as a guide.

Kauffman: “What is it that you are telling them in this book?”

Brown: “Okay, it’s really simple; each child is born with the seeds of their own brilliance. If you start from that position and that our job is to find and nurture the passion that leads to that brilliance, amazing things happen.”

Kauffman: (Off Screen):  Brown says there are many paths to that brilliance

You can view the whole segment online at: (Starting at 1:54)

Orders have been pouring in from parents concerned with their child's education. They express that what brown said on the Early Show resonated with them and are hoping that the book will give them insight and guidance towards a solution to their own unique issues. The Amazon sales rank dropped as low as #401

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