The Call To Brilliance
By Resa H Seindel Brown
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"I kept trying to hide the gnawing feeling I might be the odd kid out--the one who was different. And in a system that consistently rewards conformity and punishes individualism, it was not an unreasonable fear."

-- The Call to Brilliance
Resa H Steindel Brown

Written by Resa Steindel Brown
Foreword by William Glasser, M.D.
Introduction by Joseph Chilton Pearce

In an engaging memoir, award-winning educator Resa Steindel Brown is drawn to the astonishing discovery that all children are born brilliant.

Since she was a child, Resa wrestled with education. Learning was never a problem. The challenge lay in the interface between how our educational system is structured and who we are really. The fit never quite made sense to her.

This story follows her search through five decades of educational practices and the research of over fifty renowned authors, to the creation of an award-winning school, homeschool, philosophy and practice successful beyond imagination. Its gift: how to find the passion that leads to brilliance in all our children and in ourselves.

The Call to Brilliance shows concerned parents and educators how to turn children's challenges into strengths and their gifts into passions. It devastates the concepts of learning disabilities. It dissolves the artificial barriers of grade level. It unveils the pretense of standardized testing and reveals how our children really learn. But above all, it shows us how all children can succeed to brilliance.


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