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All Children are Born Gifted, but Most Lose Their Way

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Resa Steindel Brown

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    Resa Steindel Brown’s expertise is in building educational processes and environments that enable children to find their passion and develop their individual and innate brilliance. She has been involved in alternative education since 1970 and homeschooling since 1987. She homeschooled her own three children from kindergarten to college.

    Resa is credentialed by the State of California through the University of California at Los Angeles. She maintains Elementary, Secondary and Community College credentials in multiple subject areas. She has been teaching for over thirty-six years from kindergarten through the university level. She has a specialized credential in reading and teaches special education and mathematics remediation. Resa received her Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts and Master of Fine Arts from UCLA in Art and Theater Arts with full minors in English and psychology.

    Resa is unique in that she successfully implements educational systems and philosophies that experts have been talking about for years.


    G.T. Water School Awards: Resa Steindel Brown Director

    • U.S. Department of Education, Special Commendation and Press Conference by Secretary of Education Richard W. Riley, 1995

    • United States Chamber of Commerce Commendation, 1993

    • U.S. Senate, Washington D.C. Personal Letter of Commendation, Senator Pete Wilson, 1989

    • League of Women Voters, Letter of Commendation, 1989

    • Working Mother Magazine Awards, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995

    • Workshop Presentation, United Nations International Conference, 1995


    The Call to Brilliance is a finalist in three categories for the ForeWord Magazine 2007 Book Of The Year Awards. The award ceremony will happen in June. MORE INFO.

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