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All Children are Born Gifted, but Most Lose Their Way

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Find, fuel, and ignite your child's passion into brilliance!

Here is your opportunity to find a solution for your child. Ask Resa individualized questions pertaining to your own unique situation. Below are some samples of past participants. To be on the show, sign-up on our home page. It is time for you to find, fuel, and ignite your child's passion into brilliance.


Rebecca homeschools her six and eight year old boys. She is torn between delivering a classical curriculum and a more child-directed approach. She is looking for a solution. She does not want to push them, she does not want them missing out on a more academic form of education, but she does not want their spirit restricted like she felt in school. Click here to listen!

Lorraine is a stay-at-home mom with a seven-year-old and a three-year-old. She homeschooled her oldest through kindergarten. Her child is now in the first grade at a magnet school for gifted children. Lorraine wants to know how much to "challenge" her oldest without "pushing" since the coursework seems to be a breeze. Click here to listen!

April has a little girl entering kindergarten in the Fall. April is trying to determine if homeschooling will be appropriate for her daughter or actually possible for her family. She has questions about public schools, Montessori schools and even charter schools. Click here to listen!

Michelle has two boys, eight and six years old, who attend a private school. She hopes they will really connect with the things they are enthusiastic about and is not sure how to encourage them without pushing them. Click here to listen!

Cindy has a 14-year-old grandson who is from a single parent family. When he was little, he had such a love of learning. Now, diagnosed with ADHD and spending two to five hours a night attempting to do homework, Cindy feels at a loss and is looking for ways she can better help her Grandson. Click here to listen!

Jen is a TSS (Therapeutic Support Staff) and works intensely with the children of other parents. She feels like she is sometimes involved in a power struggle and is looking for the balance between structure and freedom. Click here to listen!

Valerie has an 8-year old son and has been struggling with school issues. After being inspired by The Call to Brilliance, she is looking for solutions that she can implement as she continues to work fulltime. Click here to listen!

Melissa has two boys, a three-year-old and a first grader. Her husband works two jobs as she is working on her masters in early childhood education and working part time. Time and resources are limited for her family and she wants to know what she can do to help her children get a better education. Click here to listen!

We will be adding more soon. Please check back. Don't forget you can be on AskResa too. Just fill out the form on our home page.

The Call to Brilliance is a finalist in three categories for the ForeWord Magazine 2007 Book Of The Year Awards. The award ceremony will happen in June. MORE INFO.

If you have any questions, click this link to contact matt brown at fredric press.

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