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All Children are Born Gifted, but Most Lose Their Way

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October 12, 2006
For Immediate Release

All Children Are Born Gifted, but Most Lose Their Way

Why do so many drop out when kids diagnosed with ADHD can succeed in college before finishing elementary school? Can our schools teach today's kids?

Almost five million children drop out or fail to enroll in high school each year. One child out of twelve goes to school medicated for a learning disability. Diagnoses of autism and ADHD are on the rise. Even children identified as gifted and talented often have no way to use their gifts in school. Our one-size-fits-all educational system cannot address the varied needs of today's kids. The current system was designed over 120 years ago to turn farm children into assembly-line workers for the Industrial Revolution. Today's kids are of the Information Age, an age of electronics and fast media. They have different needs. Today's schools are not meeting them; parents and educators are looking for answers.

The Call to Brilliance, a new book by award-winning educator Resa Steindel Brown, describes the first successful school model where all children excel. In this book, Brown reveals the insider truth behind our educational system. "The fact is," says Brown, "all children are born brilliant. If we would stop processing our children in an assembly-line fashion, and search for every child's interests, talents and passions, we would find them. All children would succeed, none would drop out and many learning disabilities would become irrelevant."

The book challenges current educational practices with true-life experiences. Brown's sons, unable to read until ages nine and ten, entered college in electronics and computer sciences at eleven and twelve. By fourteen, one was a system administrator for Warner Bros. By fifteen, the other became the chief technology officer of an online sports magazine with over sixty sales reps. Brown's children were not atypical.

The Call to Brilliance abounds in the success stories of children who did not fit into our current structure. From the programs Brown created, these children trained with the Berlin Opera, created digital images used in the film "Lord of the Rings," presented software solutions to TRW, Pacific Bell, Industrial Light & Magic, NSA, Sony, and more, all before the age of eighteen-and all in a pressure-free environment. They were never tested and received no homework. Instead they spent half a day, every day, playing, climbing trees, creating, inventing, learning to pursue their passions and talents.

The Call to Brilliance is based on Brown's thirty-six years of experience in education. It shows parents and educators how to redirect their children's challenges into strengths, discover their children's interests, fuel their interests into passions and their passions into brilliance. "When we break away from a one-size-fits-all education, children start to manifest amazing gifts past their age or grade level," Brown explains.

Brown's work as an educator has been featured on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, The Washington Post, The New York Times, the LA Times, The Wall Street Journal and many other publications. Brown maintains elementary, secondary and university level teaching credentials. She currently runs the homeschool program she created for the Las Virgenes School District in Southern California.

The Call to Brilliance ($17.95, ISBN13 9-780977-836901) will be published in January 2007. William Glasser, M.D., author of Choice Theory, has written the foreword and Joseph Chilton Pearce, author of Magical Child, the introduction. Resa is available for interviews and events by contacting matt brown.

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The Call to Brilliance is a finalist in three categories for the ForeWord Magazine 2007 Book Of The Year Awards. The award ceremony will happen in June. MORE INFO.

If you have any questions, click this link to contact matt brown at fredric press.

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