The Call To Brilliance
By Resa H Seindel Brown
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By Joseph Chilton Pearce, author of The Crack In The Cosmic Egg

Resa Steindel Brown's Opus:

An engrossing, engaging, inspiring, enlightening and unusual work that is the biography not only of a remarkable person but of a remarkable school. We could say, in fact, that each, the author and her school, gave birth to each other, and here is that author's fascinating account of the unfolding and development of a school that meets the actual biological, psychological, intellectual and social needs of young people.

Resa's biographical account of her own childhood experience graphically displays what I had called the 'tragedy of schooling" back in the 1950's. Her keen adult perspective on how things stand today is, again, from the inside out as a teacher and not just another abstract analyses of a critical outsider. And her account of rising to meet the occasion by actively taking the initiative, daring to innovate and explore, take her cues from the children and respond to their needs instead of taking the easy way of mechanical formulae, makes for an admirable, remarkable story. Brown offers us a tangible, living model exemplar of what can be done against all odds in any situation, given sufficient passion and attention. She shows us how the same could be done anywhere, in any situation.

Throughout her writing splendid comments and observations from great thinkers old and new, are interspersed as apropos to her topics. All of which adds up to a unique, informative, optimistic and hope-filled account we can only praise, wishing her every success.


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